The Schlage Deadbolt Keypad – Security, Technology and Reliability

Tough Lock Security

The Schlage deadbolt offers the latest security innovations to provide top quality protection for your home and office. Schlage has combined their 90 years of experience in making high quality locks with the latest digital technology to create a deadbolt keypad that allows keyless access to doors. It even offers remote locking and unlocking through your Internet phone in case you forget to lock your door or need to let someone in while you’re on vacation.

The new line of Schlage deadbolts has the size and look of an ordinary deadbolt and comes in a variety of classic styles. It unlocks from the outside via a keypad for numeric input. The owner can give a 4-digit code to each family member or regular visitor so there is no concern about losing your keys. A total of 19 different 4-digit codes can be programmed into the deadbolt from 10,000 possible combinations. The door will deny access to invalid pass codes. Four consecutive incorrect inputs will trigger a security alarm, and the keypad will be disabled for a thirty seconds. On the inside, the deadlock has a manual thumb turn-key. Therefore, you can manually lock the door from the inside. You can also enable the Auto Lock feature which will automatically lock your door behind you after 5 seconds.

Wireless Z-wave Technology

The Schlage deadbolt can be set to communicate via Z-waves. This revolutionary feature allows the keypad to communicate through the Internet. You can lock or unlock doors wherever you are through your computer or mobile phone. The “Bridge” is a high security application where you can access your keypad to unlock the door, or deny access to particular entry keys. This feature is also convenient for businesses, because the Bridge automatically logs the people who use the door. Even if you are on a trip, you will know who is inside through text and email alerts.

The Z-wave network can also be extended to control your house lights and security cameras. You can turn on the lights at night, even when no one is at home. If you programmed the keypad, the lights can also greet you with the preset colors, depending on the 4-digit code being entered. You can also monitor your home with cameras through a live Internet feed.

Stylish Designs and Easy Installation

Even with all these features, the deadbolt still has a compact, easy to install set up. It fits on any standard American door preps, with no additional drill holes and a one tool installation process. The deadbolt keypad, even if electrically powered, requires no additional wirings. The pre-installed 9-volt alkaline battery can last up to 3 years. There are several designs to choose from, from the simply elegant to the curvy and flashy. Among the designs are the Plymouth, Addison, Camelot and the Century. You can also choose from satin nickel, aged bronze and bright brass finishes.