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Business Cards Online – An Eco-Friendly Tool of Enormous Reach

The cumbersome practices of handing out cards to people that you meet, or the wasteful habit of dumping a stack of cards in public places for people to pick up, are giving way to the more modern approach of placing business cards online. There are two principal advantages to this wonderful innovation. One is the reduced demand on paper and the consequent saving of forest resources, and the other is the enormous reach that it affords your business.

In businesses throughout the world, it is difficult to estimate the amount of paper that has been saved through the invention of the computer. The computer has replaced the need for large quantities of paper by acting as a digital retrieval system that consumes little actual space. Similarly, the shift from traditional forms of communication to electronic communication has reduced our pressure on paper. Putting your cards online also contributes to the reduced use of paper, a trend with a direct benefit to the environment by lowering our dependence on forest resources used in the manufacture of paper. Apart from this saving on paper, the move away from traditional business cards has contributed to a healthy shift from physical commuting to telecommuting, a hidden fuel saver about which perhaps many people are not fully aware.

Business cards–whether traditional or online–are really advertisement tools. A large part of the success of an ad is in its reach. Online cards offer an enormous opportunity to reach quite literally the world, all without the need to travel from your office. Imagine a person commuting physically with a stack of cards. His reach is indeed limited. In contrast, online business cards are revolutionizing the way we communicate in business by lowering the cost of communicating far and wide. In the global business environment where frontiers are wide open and the possibilities seem without bound, the emergence of using business cards online is a welcome change.

One of the features of our modern, internet linked world is the online communities that have arisen. In traditional business ventures, people retained membership in social or professional clubs as part of the promotion of their business. Today, internet communities of various shapes and sizes have begun to take their place. They enjoy the seamless benefits of an online world without walls. Your presence in these communities can be aided by an online business card. In the world of networking, the anonymity of your business can be broken with a properly worded online business card that can be hosted or referenced in one of the many online communities.

There is a difference between a traditional card and an online card. The traditional card is distributed by you to a limited group of specific individuals. Online cards are not only sent to known prospects, but also sought after by clients in search of products or services that you offer. As a result, it is important to ensure the online cards you use for your business employs the words your customers are likely to use while searching for you. With the benefit of being kind to the environment combined with their enormous reach, placing your business cards online can be a valuable part of a successful marketing plan.

Homebased Online Travel Agencies – The Hottest New Opportunity?

Because of the deregulation of the airlines and other factors, there have been over 200,000 brick and mortar travel agencies that have closed their doors over the past several years. Does that mean that travel agencies are no longer needed or available to the public? Absolutely not.

Several companies, including Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz among others, saw this trend developing, so they developed online booking programs and entered the marketplace. Because the Internet was becoming so popular and accepted as a secure and reliable way of conducting business, their businesses have literally exploded.

But wait… several brilliant entrepreneurial visionaries also saw this online phenomena developing. Specifically, the online travel agency business model is especially interesting to the network marketing industry. Here are some of the reasons that they are expanding on the concept of online travel agencies:

– The travel industry is huge! Over $1.3 Trillion dollars are spent annually in the US on travel and over $7 Trillion is spent worldwide.

– The ‘Baby Boomers’ are now reaching retirement age and currently represent a large percentage of the travel dollar spent. They have money and are ready to travel.

– The Internet has been validated by the masses as a trustworthy and important place to purchase goods and services. It is here to stay.

– As more and more people see that advantages of having their own personal homebased business, an online business like a travel agency really makes sense.

In the past, network marketers have had to learn expert selling and closing techniques to achieve good success with their products and services. Also, many of the products and services that they have historically been relatively high-priced compared to similar products purchased in regular stores. It takes people with perseverance and a strong will to really make it to the really high levels in network marketing.

However, using the business models and programs that have been developed for the travel industry, these same network marketers can promote their businesses and reach high levels of income from the comfort of their own homes much easier. The reasons include:

– The product (travel) is in huge demand and people are already in the habit of using online agencies for their travel purchases.

– The technology of the Internet is allowing individuals to compete with large companies. It’s been proven that people would prefer to go to the website of one of their friends rather than to the site of a large, nonpersonal company.

– Network marketers can earn commissions on their own personal travel, rental cars, concert tickets, golf trips, etc.

– The cost to get started is low and profits can be made almost immediately

– It’s a great way to help other people and make a significant part-time or full-time income on the way.

– There are basically no sophisticated selling and closing skills that need to be developed.

So, with the familiarity of the brand names that are available and the simplicity of using the Internet to shop for travel goods and services, there is an exciting new and profitable opportunity for network marketers to capitalize on the travel industry.

Processing Real Time Data On the Fly – The Future of Mobile, Social TV and Web Apps

Real time data processing was once a secretive and dark art known only amongst the likes of the CIA and Wall Street’s electronic traders. Not only were the systems that performed these hyperspeed calculations extremely expensive and highly complicated, they were also completely customized to the specific institutions that were using them.

As our digital world continues to become more connected every day, and as the proliferations of devices and affordable internet and data services spread across the world, people are online all the time.

At the same time, we are increasingly bringing our internet-connected devices into common experiences like riding the train, commuting to work or watching television. Nielsen has found that as many as 86% of laptop and mobile owners use their “second screen” apps when watching television.

As such, the opportunity for creative developers, TV networks and mobile development studios to create experiences that take advantage of these massive concurrent audiences and real-time data technology to create unprecedented ‘second screen’ experiences is gargantuan.

For example, you could have a smartphone app specially designed for use during the SuperBowl that would allow everyone watching the show to make play predictions in real-time just before the pass was caught or the audible was called.

Or, during the half-time show you could take in votes from the millions upon millions of current viewers to determine what segment or performer would be shown next, and everyone watching could see the average vote values of everyone on their smartphone screen.

Presidential debates could be revolutionized by the ability for the audience to participate and register their agreement or disagreement with candidates and their stances in real time. This kind of continuous polling app could change the face of broadcast television and politics as we know it.

The central issue that has prevented these kinds of experiences from coming to fruition in the past has been that taking in constant input from television audiences, and processing it in real-time in order to create dynamic and massively multi-user apps, is an extremely difficult technical challenge.

The kinds of audiences that major television events can draw are often staggering. The 2012 SuperBowl drew 111.3 million viewers. Imagine the volume of data that would be generated by even a fraction of this audience sliding up and down on their screen to vote, make predictions or send messages.

It’s not only a big data problem in the classic sense. It’s a real-time big data problem. Any system that is created for this use case would have to not only take in a large volume of streaming data, but it would have to make calculations on this data in flight, and then broadcast the results back out to every connected user to complete the experience.

We can expect to start seeing Social Television apps that weave in audience sentiment, opinion and preferences into the main-screen content soon. The immensity of this change cannot be overstated. Traditionally, television was a one-way broadcast medium. We’re about to see this change.

These new Social Television and massive audience apps are going to make Television a two-way medium, allowing viewers to “talk back” as they convert watching TV from a passive activity to an active conversation.

Imagine a world where you could vote down characters you didn’t like, in real time, as they come on screen and start delivering lines. Imagine being able to have an active role in crafting the future of your favorite programs. Social TV and the next generation of massive audience apps is going to change broadcast media forever.

What is Involved in a Credit Card Online Approval

With the credit card industry evolving at such an unprecedented pace, consumers are not only offered flexibility in terms of payment choices but also in application options. The latest innovation made available for you is the instant credit card online approval. Previously, one had to obtain application forms, fill them up, attach supporting documents, mail it to the companies and wait weeks or maybe months for a reply which may not even be favourable. Now you can start the process in the comfort of your home. Start by comparing credit card offers online. There are many websites that allow you to compare features of similar credit cards conveniently. Once you have made the final selection based on your individualised needs and preference, you may proceed to apply for it online.

Most websites that allow you to compare credit cards come with the additional option of applying online. Please ensure that the website is legitimate before providing any details. If you are worried about security, proceed to the official website of your selected credit card provider to apply online for the card. Often the official websites employ the latest internet security data encryption such as 128 bit SSL encryption which allows only the applicant and the officials to view the data being sent to and fro.

Now for the next step in getting a credit card online approval, you will have to start filling in the online application form. This may take you anything from ten to twenty minutes to complete. Besides personal particulars, you may be required to provide information on anything that you owe or own such as a property. You will also need your employer’s details as well as income details. If you are self-employed, your accountant’s details will be deemed necessary. If you happen to not have all the required information, you often have the choice to save your partially completed application form and return to it within a month.

Once the application form is completed and submitted, you’ll receive the response online almost immediately, often within 60 seconds. If your credit card application had been approved, you will receive the credit card in your mail within 2 weeks. During the 60 seconds taken to provide you with the response, the provider checks on your identity and credit score. You’ll receive the credit card online approval within a minute if your credit score meets the requirement. Understanding what is involved in a credit card online approval helps us see that it is truly a safe and convenient option of getting that credit card in your hand. No more messy paperwork and long waiting periods. Instant approval is perfect for our fast paced life.

Employee Motivation Games

Every year at the major company event there are employee motivation games to play. Most of us dislike these games because the majority of them seem silly and pointless. Why waste our time with this is what employees usually complain about.

However, help is on the way. Out of all the employee motivation games played this one seems the favorite. Try a company scavenger hunt. The nice thing about this game is it does not have to be done during a major company event, although right before yearly inventory for smaller companies seems to be a good time. This will work for all companies. Large and small alike. You just need to have a set of company information for the employees to find out.

The reason the scavenger hunt is my favorite of all employee motivation games is that it is easy to set up and easy to play. It is also relatively fun. First, get a list of company information that you want the employees to find out. It can be date of incorporation, date the first product was sold/manufactured, who was the founder, what is the best selling product, and the list goes on. Once you have a set of information you divide the employees into teams. You can set departments against each other or you can have other ways of making teams. Set a time frame, especially if some of the items are hard to find or locate. Have everyone meet back at the designated time and declare the winner or winners. Be sure to have a prize for the winning team or teams.

This is a great game because it is different from the usual employee motivation games. The game is actually educational in nature. Instead of wasting time with seemingly pointless tasks, it actually teaches the employees about the company they work for. The more knowledge employees have about the company they work for, the better they are able to understand and relate to its mission statement and vision. By empowering employees with knowledge, you are inviting them to stay. Isn’t this a fun and interesting way to help improve employee retention rates

Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino in Primm, Nevada

Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino is Primm, Nevada’s largest hotel/casino property. It offers an affordable, fun alternative to the glitz and crowds of Las Vegas, which is 40 miles north. Primm, is a California border town located at Exit 1 off Interstate 15. In addition to Buffalo Bill’s, this community has the Primm Valley Resort and Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino for accommodations and gaming and two golf courses.

Buffalo Bill’s advertises that it combines Old West style with New West fun. It has has has 1,242 guest rooms and suites. Guests have the choice of thee room types: Deluxe, Suites, and Jacuzzi Suites. Rooms come with blow dryers, ironing boards, available high-speed Internet and available in-room movies. Deluxe rooms are about 335 square feet and can be requested either with a king bed or two queen bed configuration. Suites have considerably more space than deluxe rooms. For the best experience, guests can stay in a luxurious Jacuzzi Suite Room. The hotel’s deluxe room rates are typically about $25 on weekdays and $55 on weekends, depending on the season. It is rated as a two star hotel.

Buffalo Bill’s casino is 46,000 square feet featuring over 1,700 slot machines, nearly 40 table games, keno, a poker room, and a race and sports book. It also features restaurants including Tony Roma’s, Wagonmaster Coffee Shops, Miss Ashley’s Boarding House Buffet, and a food court along with other dining options. There are also several bars, including the Tree Bar.

Buffalo’s Bill’s also has a 6,500 seat Star of the Desert Arena, which is designed for concerts and also hosts other major events such as boxing, wresting, mixed martial arts, and rodeos, and several amusement park style rides for thrill seekers and families. Buffalo Bill’s offers the most entertainment of any hotel/casino for Primm visitors.